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Simone Wojciechowski – Sculptor

Simone Wojciechowski - Sculptor


You probably noticed the incredible wire sculpture we feature on our homepage. That sculpture - named ‘Tired Soul’ - was hand-crafted by a wonderful lady called Simone Wojciechowski, who specialises in working with copper, brass and steel wire.

Simone moved to Cape Town in 2005 from her hometown of Berlin, Germany, where she focuses on sculpting the female form. She loves to express movement, form and motive, bringing every piece she creates to life with her incredible talent.

When our founder Victoria saw her contemporary pieces, she knew that they embodied everything Amandla Ubuntu works so hard to achieve: to support survivors of gender based violence in South Africa to rise, to move and to be free.

Tired Soul is the name of our featured piece, chosen as it symbolises the exhaustion so many women’s rights advocates feel as the fight against gender based violence continues. But we will always get back up again and carry on, for every single woman who has ever felt afraid.

Simone, like everyone who partners with us, is a women’s rights advocate. So we use an image of one of her unique pieces on our homepage to welcome everyone to Amandla Ubuntu, and the little corner of the world that we’re determined to change.

Head to Simone’s site to see more of her one-of-a-kind pieces.

Thank you Simone.

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