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Wirework Elephant Trophy Head – Rainbow


🐘 Gorgeous wirework elephant sculpture in rainbow colours.  Handmade by weaving telephone wire across a galvanised wire sculpture. Highly creative art,  that produces a lifelike, yet unique wall hanging.  Beautiful shiny marble eyes set within intricate wire coils.

🐘Wirework is a traditional craft in South Africa and generates sustainable incomes.  These stunning animal head sculptures are a contemporary take on a traditional craft.

🐘Each elephant sculpture is handmade and unique, although the colour palette is the same, there may be slight variations in placement from the image shown.

🐘Built in hook for easy hanging.

Weight: 1.1kg
Length: 44cm
Width: 52cm
Height: 27cm

🐘Every purchase supports women and children who are survivors of gender based violence in South Africa.

Weight 1.7 kg

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