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Large Telephone Wire Bowl – Shadow


Stunning wirework bowl, hand made in South Africa combining traditional basket weaving skills with modern materials.

These baskets are woven by hand and start from the rim, with the crafter then working his or her way down to the bottom. This is quite unusual compared to most weaving which generally starts from the bottom up.

This urban variation of traditional grass and palm leaf weaving was started by Zulu men working in the mines of Johannesburg. They used left over pieces of telephone wire to create baskets and then sold them to generate additional income. Telephone wire works incredibly well for weaving, as it is maleable and comes with and with and without casing. The bright colours of the wire resulted in these fabulous, swirly, vibrantly coloured bowls.

These days, telephone wire is custom manufactured in many, beautiful colours. Most of the wire is recycled and all of the wire is lead-free.

As the baskets have been woven by hand, they cannot hold liquid. The baskets are sturdy, functional and can be washed in warm, soapy water.

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