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As a result of customer feedback, we’ve made a wider selection of products available for sale on ETSY.
All sales are covered by ETSY policy and are available for international delivery.
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eBay Announcement

eBay Announcement


We’re excited to announce that Amandla Ubuntu has been chosen to work with eBay on a new UK initiative, ‘eBay for Change’ in partnership with Social Enterprise UK and the World Fair Trade Organization.

The platform has been built to tackle the systemic exclusion of marginalised communities from economic opportunity.  Using the power of eBay to facilitate and advocate for change to support the transition towards an economy that is inclusive, equitable and regenerative.

Amandla Ubuntu is one of 100 social enterprises that has been selected to support the launch of this program, a community of ethical sellers, who are all doing their bit to change the world for the better.

Please follow us by clicking the heart next to the store name: https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/amandlaubuntu

Read more about some of the other incredible Sellers doing wonderful things HERE and be part of the change!

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