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Amandla Ubuntu Launch

Amandla Ubuntu Launch

Amandla Ubuntu launches in the month of International Women’s Day

We’re here and we’re ready - to showcase some incredible talent, to support victims of gender violence and to make our voices heard. Amandla Ubuntu is officially launching this month and we’re so excited to bring such wonderful products from the towns and villages of South Africa straight to your door.

It’s quite fitting that we’re launching this March - the same month that’s home to International Women’s Day. A day that the world needs now more than ever…

And it’s no surprise to say that, in so many ways and in so many parts of the world, women are still suffering. As a society, we’re just not doing enough. This month in Cape Town alone, 50 cases of gender-based violence have been struck off the court rolls. Erased. That’s 50 victims in one month who will never see justice.

If you’ve read about us ("About Us"), you’ll know that we’re on a mission to support women, through our work with the Saartjie Baartman Centre, a safe place for victims of gender-based violence to seek help, and through bringing beautiful textiles, homeware and accessories to the UK, made by incredibly talented people.

We’re so close to the launch of our shop. Follow our journey on our Instagram page (@amandlaubuntu) and enter your email below to get exclusive updates on our progress! Until then, we wanted to show you pieces we can’t stop talking about, made by some of the wonderful creators we’re collaborating with.

We have fallen in love with these contemporary stuffed animals, handbags and cosmetic purses from Mapholo.


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Inspired by her love of hats, Mapholo started selling her premium quality hats and clothing from the boot of her car at weekends. Today, she produces luxury African fashion and accessories at her company Ledikana (https://ledikana.com/). She’s based in Johannesburg and is dedicated to empowering the women of South Africa.

And these adorable dolls are handcrafted by Nondumiso in Cape Town. They offer diverse representation to children and love is poured into every single one of them.


Nondumiso writes a blog here: https://imibongokamakhulu.co.za/blog/

We really recommend reading it to learn more about her journey.

We’re so excited for the next step - launching our shop, filling the UK’s homes with some one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces and empowering others to believe in their talent. If, like us, you believe in women supporting women, check out our coaching page (Business Coaching), where we’re committed to supporting women at every stage of their careers.

Thanks so much for being here at the start of our journey here at Amandla Ubuntu. We’d love for you to come with us.

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